Republicans Withdraw Endorsement Over Childcare

News Release from Republicans of River City

For Immediate Release
Date 05/19/2022
Contact: Carl Burton, President Republicans of River City
RRC phone 916-485-5741

Republicans of River City (RRC) members were proud to back Tamika Hamilton for Congress in 2020 when she ran against John Garamendi and we were looking forward to backing her again this year.

We were surprised when Tamika decided to jump into the new sixth congressional district. Knowing Hamilton didn’t live in the new district and would be unable to vote for herself against Rep. Ami Bera.

RRC members believe you should always follow the money if you think you want to support a candidate. So we logged into the Federal Fair Elections Commission website (WWW.FEC.GOV) and discovered – according to the latest filings – that Tamika Hamilton (C00706374) paid herself from her campaign fund over $25,000.00 for childcare in 2021 and 2022.

RRC members also discovered that Tamika paid over $36,000.00 to another woman for childcare using campaign funds.

So, over $61,000.00 of Tamika’s campaign funds is spent on childcare thus far.  She has five children.

RRC members want to know did Hamilton pay income taxes on the $25,000.00 she paid herself for childcare?

We find that her actions are difficult to justify and maybe against federal law.

RRC members have a problem with Tamika asking us and other voters to give her money if she intends to use it to pay herself for childcare.

Tamika paid herself over $17,000.00 in mileage reimbursement.  She also spent over $3,000.00 on cab fares and over $800.00 on Uber.

The unanswered question for RRC members is how would Tamika Hamilton spend Taxpayers’ money if she is able to win a seat in Congress?

Carl Burton, President of Republicans of River City said, this year RRC members cannot recommend to the voters that they should either vote for or donate funds to the Tamika Hamilton’s campaign.

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