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My name is Christine Bish and I’m In front of the Matsui federal court building in Downtown Sacramento today. I had a hearing with the judge because we are trying to end the lockdown, the lockdown that stops us from protesting the government peacefully. It’s a violation of our constitutional rights. This is something that is not government given and the United States into something that’s granted to us by God.

It is our right to freedom of speech, the freedom to assemble, the freedom to go to church, and is trying to stop us from doing these things from coming together. Just on Easter, we were deprived of our right to just go to church and be together. Protest at the rally we were denied the opportunity to be together and protest our government. 

These are violations! Anyone who’s lived under a tyrant or under communist rule, you know what this is and I’m here to fight. I’m going out to the state of California and specifically Governor Newsom. We have rights and I’m going to fight for them.

I’m running for congress in the 6th congressional district it covers Antelope, North Highlands, Del Paso Heights, West Sacramento, with all those parts of Yolo County, Knights Landing. We have a diverse community it’s not only American Born people who come from Eastern Europe people who have come from East India. You name the population we’re all together! We’re all citizens and I’m going to fight for our rights. You are my neighbors and I want to see you have the freedom I’ve enjoyed my entire life! 

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