Key Issues

What Matters To You?

When elected I will work to improve our educational system, create good-paying jobs while protecting the environment, our freedoms, and bring common sense to Washington.

I pledge to hold Washington accountable and fight to end the childish games. I intend to go to work every day to ensure hard-working Americans that someone is providing aggressive oversight to both the bureaucrats and politicians in D.C. I will fight to stop the out of control borrowing and spending that is bankrupting Social Security.

Because of my aggressive nature I expect to be an effective voice, and a major target of the Left and most Washington special interests groups.

Unlike my opponent I will be available to my community to listen to your concerns. You will know who I am. You will continue to see me active in our community when congress is not in session.

Betsy Mahan (Chair of Sacramento GOP) with Chris

Ask Chris

Ask Chris: Defunding the Police

Defunding the police is a popular notion in Washington DC. In fact, it’s the worst possible thing they could do. We are forcing our senior law enforcement into retirement and leaving the least experienced officers on the streets.

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Ask Chris: Homeless

For decades, career politicians have thrown millions of dollars at the homeless crisis with no real solutions. Having been homeless myself, I know what needs to be done.

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About District 6

The District Map Has Changed In Our Favor

In the upcoming General election our challenger will be Ami Bera. With the redrawn district maps, he is more vulnerable than before.

California new congressional map district 6 sacramento
New Map of Disctrict 6

A Look Into The Numbers

Current: CA-6 This district is currently represented by Doris Matsui (D). Registered voters here are 51% Democrat and 19% Republican.

New: CA-6 Under the new lines, registered voters in this district would be 42% Democrat and 28% Republican.

This is a huge opportunity!

Comparison of old vs. new map


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This is exactly why every School Board to weak to fight for children needs to be Recalled. We know you are being paid off to jab these kids.
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CA thinks 12 years old should make medical decisions
Why not let them buy cigarettes & alcohol?
Drive a car, join the military, marry, get a tattoo, or pierce their ears.
A court order is required for a child to be emancipated, or are all children at the age of 12 legally adults