Christine bish SacGOP Endorsement CA District 6 congressional candidate
drain the swamp pac endorse christine bish
howard jarvis tax payers association endorse christine bish for congress 2024
California Republican Assembly endorses chris bish district 6 congress california
california parents union endorses christine bish 2024
independent american party endorses christine bish 2024

Johnnie Morgan
Immediate Past President California Republican Assembly (CRA)

Peter Kuo
Former Vice-Chairman of the California Republican Party

Steve Frank
The California globe

Dr Douglas Frank
Election Integrity World-Renowned Physicist

Jack Frost
Former President of Sacramento Taxpayers Association

Christopher Cannon
Former Representative Congressman of Utah

Eric Early
Candidate for United States Senate

Aja Smith
Retired United States Air Force former congressional candidate from California

Dan Brown
Chair of the Yolo County GOP

Community Submitted Endorsements

Manuel Perez – San Juan School Board Trustee

I believe Christine is the perfect candidate for congress! She has been in the district for many years and knows first hand what we are all facing and over coming. I'm proud and honored to endorse Christine bish for congress!

Ronald F. Owens Jr., author of Muzzled Truth: How the California Department of Public Health Rejected COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine Health Risks Warnings

I am proud to endorse Christine Bish! She has fought for bodily autonomy and battled against medical tyranny.

Jay Martinez / Small Businessman / JVM Landscape Co Inc.

Christine Bish cares about small businesses in our community. She advocates and supports local businesses in our area, especially locally owned. She is a successful businesswoman and will work to better our economy on the local level and nationally.

Gonzalo Vergara, Lt. Col. USAF, Ret.

I take great pride and pleasure in endorsing Christine Bish for representative in the United States Congress, California’s 6th Congressional District. Unlike other candidates, Christine is a hometown girl, having lived in this district for over 30 years. She is intimately familiar with the problems facing the district such as the homeless crisis, runaway inflation, critical race theory in schools, and the needs of our veterans and seniors. Christine will do whatever it takes to resolve these problems; not just talk about them as some politicians are prone to do. Christine is a courageous leader with a proven track record of accomplishments such as: As a small business owner, mother and school volunteer, Christine is the leader our district and our country needs. Christine is committed to constitutional integrity and refuses to bend to unconstitutional and arbitrary mandates. While serving in the Air Force, I flew B-52 bombers and commanded a maintenance squadron. In my experience and judgment, I can say without reservation that Christine Bish is one of those truly outstanding visionary leaders with whom I would be honored to serve. I trust Christine will do right by all of us, regardless of political party or political views. As such, I’m proud to add my endorsement to Christine Bish for Congress, CA Congressional District 6.

Gabrielle Ingram

Christine has been consistent the four years I've known her, in her stance. Unwavering with political pressure or the current buzz words that one must say or not say to avoid cancel culture. An amazing researcher, she digs in to all topics hungrily to sort out fact from fiction and can explain why she takes the stance she does, with data to back it up. I've joked over the years that she's a pit bull, a loving Mama with a true soft side, with no qualms about defending her own, and the ability to bite down and not let go, when challenged. She has been through a storm the last few years, and watching her through it, my respect has only grown. I expect Chris to vote in-line with the founding constitution and to shake the tree for all "conservatives" who don't. If you want anyi-establishment, this is your gal.

Jeff Ferland

The right person for the job!

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