Christine Bish

Chris is the leading Conservative candidate for California's 6th Congressional District. She is an accomplished investigator and is currently in Federal court with Governor Gavin Newsom.

Key Issues & Solutions

By eliminating reckless uncontrolled spending. For example, passing the Omnibus Bill without reading it will overburden American taxpayers for generation to come.

By maintaining adequate energy sources including opening the XL pipeline, fracking, renewing leases and cutting regulations.

By resolving the homeless crisis, empowering law enforcement and border security.

By ending Critical Race Theory and socialism through improving education curriculum and inspiring patriotism.

By ensuring each citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.

By ensuring full coverage for medical needs including co-pays for out-of-area VA care.

By improving water storage and forest management.

By decreasing regulations and offering tax breaks.

By ending unconstitutional mandates and ending mandatory employee CRT training.

By implementing fair and transparent voting procedures to prevent election and voter fraud.

By preserving their dignity to live independently in their homes with affordable food and medicine.

Defending the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by respecting the sanctity of life from conception to natural death and protecting the right of the unborn to be safe from prenatal horrific torture or postnatal infanticide.

Supporting the peoples of Russia and the Ukraine because they are being used as pawns by unscrupulous politicians and the Biden regime.

What Matters To You?

“When elected I will work to improve our educational system, create good-paying jobs while protecting the environment, our freedoms, and bring common sense to Washington.”
~ Chris Bish

“I will work every day to ensure hard-working Americans that someone is providing aggressive oversight to both the bureaucrats and politicians in D.C.”
~ Chris Bish

“You will continue to see me active in our community when Congress is not in session.”
~ Chris Bish

“I will fight to stop the out of control borrowing and spending that is bankrupting Social Security.” I will be your effective voice in Washington.”
~ Chris Bish


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About District 6

The District Map Has Changed In Our Favor

Our challenger will be Ami Bera. With the redrawn district maps, he is more vulnerable than before.

With the combination of registered voters of 28% Republican and 30% No Party Preference, we have a 58% majority who want to see change.


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New Map of Disctrict 6