What will it mean to stand on the right side of history?

Dear Patriot,

What will it mean to stand on the right side of history? That’s why the Democrats and Republicans fundamentally disagree.

My name is Christine Bish I am tired of living in Gavin Newsom’s California. I am running for Congress in California’s 6th Congressional District against Ami Bera. I am an America First candidate and I think it’s about time we start doing just that, putting America first.

When we look back at history we can see that Republicans have been on the right side of history. From Lincoln to Roosevelt, to Eisenhower. We stand on the right side of history because we honor our history.

We learn from the mistakes of our past and we honor morality above all else.

However, my opponent, Ami Bera has done nothing but politicize Congress for all the WRONG reasons.

Ami Bera and I are separated into two different worlds. Amidst a world of chaos, he was perpetrating more chaos.


This was Ami Bera at an “I can’t breathe” protest.

While Ami Bera has encouraged the destruction we saw just a few years ago that created half a billion dollars in property damage. Meanwhile, this was what I was doing at the same time to give back to the community.


So when the RINOS suggest we must reach across the aisle and be friends with the Democrats, my answer is “NO”.

I will not be friends with people who play with the lives of our citizens. People who reap and sew destruction of our communities.

I will not play nice. I will not make peace. This is a war between good and evil.

We NEED a Republican Congress to reinstall faith in our government. We NEED a Republican Congress to bring stability back to our nation. Will you join me in this fight?

Stand with me today against the radical Left that will do anything to tear the institutions in this country down. Donate $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more today!

God Bless,

Christine Bish

Republican for Congress, CA-06

Independent Conservative and Patriot

Proud Wife and Mother

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