About Me

Your Future Congresswoman

I’m Chris Bish, the only conservative Republican qualified to serve you in Congress. I live in your community and understand your concerns. As your future representative, my experience in critical areas of government sets me apart from all others lacking this expertise. I am the one candidate for the 6th Congressional District who can – and will – truly represent you in Washington, D.C.

A free marketplace promotes a vibrant economy. Small businesses are the life-blood of the American dream success story. As a local realtor, I understand the needs of our district. Stiff regulation strangles business – especially small business. My financial savvy includes an in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry and both state and federal loan programs. I know fiscal responsibility from boots on the ground.

Excellence in education shapes our children into productive, responsible future leaders of sound moral judgment and integrity. The drastic decline of academic competency from failed education strategies – especially the dehumanizing Critical Race Theory and historically factually flawed1619 Project – has impacted generations of our children. I responded unequivocally to direct the Educational Freedom Initiative, sponsored by Dr. Milton Friedman, when I was recruited to serve as Sacramento Area Chair. Also, The Conservative Voice insisted on me as their guest speaker to debate the essential need for school choice in California.

With a track record as a champion of liberty, I’m the only candidate who has actively fought against government overreach. I’ve initiated action to hold state officials accountable for abusing their legal authority and violating your constitutional freedoms.

Professional investigative experience resulted in conducting undercover exposés, uncovering money-laundering schemes and calling-out political party conflicts of interest. I know how ‘to dig’ to hold Washington politicians and government agencies accountable to you.

Like you, I value each person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I respect the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. I am a pro-life advocate who defends the right of the unborn to be protected from prenatal horrific torture and postnatal infanticide.

Family is at the heart of every community. I’m thankful for my faithful life-long partner, my husband. I count four children as fruitful blessings of our marriage and six grandchildren as added joys. Visible in our community for 30 years, I’ve organized countless community-based groups such as Boy Scouts of America and served as Vice Chair for the Oakmont High School Site Council. Community involvement has allowed me to keep my thumb on the pulse of Congressional District 6.

The people of our district no longer have to remain frustrated with the problems of our community. Frustrated at the growing homeless communities, unavailable access to clean water, unconstitutional gun restrictions, failure to enforce immigration laws, high taxes, and expensive education. As your Congresswoman, I will push for lower taxes, cost-effective schooling, water quality and flood management, solutions to the homeless crisis, a call to end sanctuary cities, and restoration of 2nd amendment freedoms.

I’m ready to serve you. Will you help make this happen?

chris bish for congress district 6 california election 2022
Chris with her grandkids