About Me

chris bish for congress district 6 california election 2022
Chris with her grandkids

My name is Chris Bish. I am a small business owner and resident of Sacramento for more then 30 years. I have raised my family and been involved and have helped organize several community-based groups. These groups include Boy Scouts of America and the Vice-Chair for the Oakmont HS Site Council. I was the Sacramento Area Chair for the Educational Freedom Initiative sponsored by Dr. Milton Friedman. As a guest speaker for The Conservative Voice in Riverside California, I debated the need for School Choice in California.

As a local Realtor with close ties to the community, I understand the needs and desires of my community. In a Boots on the ground style, I work daily to help people find clean affordable housing while navigating the Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. I have an in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry as well as State and Federal loan programs. I have over fifteen years’ experience as a skip tracer locating witnesses, assets and background investigations and during my ten years with a local law firm, I received national recognition for accomplishments with key clients.

I was a volunteer and donor for both George W. Bush’s Presidential Campaigns and a member of the Sacramento Suburban Women Federated.

I am running for the 6th Congressional District here in California. This seat is of major importance because it is the seat in which the capital of California resides. With the current incumbent winning only a fraction of the votes, I believe I can win by running as the only Republican candidate to oppose this seat in many years.

The people of our district are frustrated with the growing homeless population, access to clean water, unconstitutional gun restrictions, lack of enforcement of immigration laws, high taxes, and expensive education. As your elected official I will push for lower taxes, cost-effective schooling, water quality and flood management, a solution to the homeless problem, call to end sanctuary cities, and push to restore 2nd amendment freedoms.

California Republicans have been silent too long and have taken a back seat to the overwhelming support of a Democratic agenda. This agenda has plagued our city with devastating effects on our community. I believe with the local police, emergency personal, veterans, 2nd amendment supporters, local sportsmen, college students, everyone tired of watching our city become overrun by homelessness and unfair taxes, we will able to speak to a clear majority of the citizens of our community.